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  • Bakersfield Educational Article of the Month - Diseases Caused by Bakersfield Rats Urine

Diseases Caused by Bakersfield Rats Urine

Diseases are easily spread from people to people, as well as from animals to people. This is why everyone should always take precautions before touching or coming intact with an unknown substance. California rat's urine is excelling to becoming a very deadly disease in many levels. Therefore, when you find a rat in your home always take action on how to get rid of it. That will be the safest thing to do for you and your family members/roommates. Here are the two main diseases that are caused by rat's urine.

1) Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome: This is one of the most serious illnesses that Bakersfield rat's urine transmits. It causes infection in the lungs. At times this can be deadly (which is the worst case). Since infections can get even bigger until the lungs goes into failure. At times, it can be treatable. However it is not easily transmitted, but when it is its lethal.
2) Letospirosis: This is a tiny, curly substance inside the human that can cause a range of diseases. Scaling from a normal headache to bleeding inside the lunges. This is serious as well, but not as serious as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Letospirosis can spread to your organs, which is horrible but some organs have fewer infections than others. It can infect your lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and even the brain! However, once reached the brain, it is best to get it treated right away to avoid any lethal side-effects. It does affect the human body in many ways, therefore always take precautions. Once healed, you need to make sure all the curly substances are out of your system.
3) Salmonella: is another type if disease, however it is not as serious as the rest of the diseases at hand. This can only be transmitted through contact which can be nasty at the same time. Its only effects are diarrhea and vomiting. It is rarely ever serious, so there is nothing to worrying about. But it is best to see a doctor and examine your for extra safety.

How to avoid the disease Bakersfield rat's urine will definitely not look like rat's urine. However there are extra precautions to take to ensure your health stays healthy. It is always best to make sure there are no rats roaming inside your home. Look at around if you ever notice anything different or missing. Rats inside homes are not to take easy, when finding there is a rat, it is always best to catch it. You can either call a specialist or get a mouse trap. Both ways, this will help get rid of the rat. To avoid getting in contact with something you are not suppose to, wear gloves when entering areas that are abandoned in your home. For example, the basement is where most California rats tend to leave, make sure to wear gloves and shoes at all times while in there. Lastly, an optional approach would be to wear masks as entering the room so you don't smell or breath anything you are not suppose to.

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