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661-578-5417 We run a professional wildlife removal business operating in Delano, California. We service the whole Bakersfield metropolitan area, and do much of our work in Delano. We are a full-service Delano animal trapping and removal company. We specialize in wildlife only, and are not like a regular Delano pest control company or Delano exterminator. We use humane methods to solve wild animal problems in California. We solve the root of the problem, by performing home repairs to keep animals out, and preventative measures in addition to critter trapping and removal. We offer a variety of services, from animal damage repair to waste cleanup, dead animal removal and odor control, and more. We handle several nuisance wildlife species, including squirrels, raccoons, snakes, skunks, and opossums. We also perform bat removal and bird control services, and rodent control, including poison-free mouse and rat removal. Give us a call any time at 661-578-5417 to discuss your Delano animal control issue, and to schedule a fast appointment.

Delano wildlife control tip of the month: Noises in the Attic but No Droppings

Most of the time several Delano animal control types of animal will come in and out of your attic without you even noticing. This will make it quite hard for you to figure out Which animal was in your attic from the beginning. You will need to find any entry holes or droppings to decide which trap you should set in case the animals decide to come back. Sometimes the animals come in an leave before that have time to defecate your attic and therefore leave no droppings. In this type of scenario it would be hard to pinpoint which animal was in your attic at first. You will need to use the noises you hear to identify the creepers in your home. Knowing the different Delano pest control types of sounds made by different types of animals can help you with that. This is why you need to read on to understand which animals make which sounds and why.

If you are hearing noises in your attic then the first culprit is often a Delano wildlife removal squirrel. There are many different species but those with a fluffy tail are often the main culprits. You can hear them chewing away at the wood as they create an opening to access the attic. if there are no droppings you will often notice a litter of baby squirrels. This is because most times the squirrel that breaks in is a mother trying to look for a safe spot to give birth to her young ones. They do this twice in an year. The summer litter and the winter litter. Look for an opening in the roof chewed on the edges to identify squirrels. They also eat at the ceiling wood.

Rats are next in line after the squirrel as culprit in your attic. They run around the ceiling and often mislead you into thinking there are bigger animals playing in the attic. Chewed electrical wires and wooden door jolts are just some of the things that point at rats if there are no droppings. Bats are another animal that may be in your attic and making queer sounds in the attic. This nocturnal Delano animal trapping creatures can spend the entire day quietly in your attic with no suspicion but make a lot of noise at night when they come and go from their new safe haven. Any shrieking sound and the sound of flapping wings indicates a bat infestation.

These animals are the worst unwelcome guests to have in your home. They chew at the roof and create a gaping hole in order to access the attic. They will then make horrible growling sounds as they forage for food in the garbage dumpster or eat away at your pet food. Since they are nocturnal animals you will hear the loud noises either just after sunset or before sunrise.

It is possible to have Delano exterminator snakes in the attic. Climbing snakes can make it to the attic and use the opportunity to get away from a cold winter night. You can also find snakes if you are often rodent infested. The snakes will come to hunt the rats in the attic for food and create a whole mess of crippers. Have the attic checked on the regular to avoid such incidents.

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